Start of a line export compression facility

LOCATION: Phillip Creek, Northern Territory

CLIENT: Jemena – Northern Gas Pipeline

The project included the start of a line export compression facility with gas processing at Warrego (Phillip Creek Compressor Station (PCCS). We were contracted to provide the following:

  • Clear fire breaks & complete vegetation clearing / grubbing of the site to the clearance limits.
  • Strip & stockpile all topsoil from the site.
  • Prepare, rip, condition, compact & proof roll subgrade.
  • Undertake dust suppression activities.
  • Load, haul, condition and compact embankment fill material required for the PCCS hard stand & access roads for PCCS Early Works scope.
  • Detailed excavation to the levels as shown on the construction drawings.
  • NATA certificated compaction conformance testing of the completed earthwork lots.

PLANT USED: CAT 336 Excavator, CAT 14M Grader, 140H Grader, D9N Dozer, Front End Loader, Backhoe, Smooth Drum, Pad Foot & Multi-tire Rollers, Dump Trucks, Water Trucks, Side tippers.